Assistance with Self-Administered Medications 2 hour CEU post test


Assistance w Self-Administered 2HR TEST

The Final Exam consists of 17 multiple choice and true or false questions. You must answer 11 correct to receive a passing grade course credit.

1. Before assisting a resident with self-administered medications, the caregiver should first:
2. All prescription labels should include all items Except:
3. A PRN medication means: Select one:
4. When implementing a change in a residents medication you need to do all the following EXCEPT:
5. A resident is experiencing diarrhea of unknown source, you should:
6. Only a scored tablet may be broken in half.
7. All staff need to know how to read a prescription label.
8. A medication auxiliary label is found only on liquid medications.
9. When an “as needed” or “PRN” medication is labeled without all of the necessary information, you are required to contact the health care provider to obtain any missing information. An unlicensed person may obtain such clarification from the health care provider; revised instructions clarifying the order are not considered a change in the health care provider’s order.
10. Any change in directions for use of a medication for which the facility is providing assistance with self-administration of medication must be accompanied by a written medication order issued and signed by the resident’s health care provider. Unlicensed persons can implement changes without first obtaining a written order. To ease this process, a faxed copy of the order is acceptable.
11. The MOR is the record keeping system for a residents medication management.
12. A medication label can only be changed by a caregiver.
13. Gloves must be used when assisting with ointments and creams.
14. The resident does not have to be present when you take the medication from the bottle.
15. The facility may maintain a stock supply of over the counter medications for multiple resident use.
16. Centrally stored medications shall be kept in a locked/secured cabinet or locked storage area at all times.
17. A caregiver can fill a pillbox for use by the resident.